Gym thing?

In January I switched which gym I work out at (same company, different location). I wake up at 5am and work at 9am so I definitely get my workout on. I can’t help it but to look at all the sexy guys that workout there too. 

Well the first day, as I am changing for the showers, this cute ass Hispanic guy is also. We ended up in the showers at the same time. I noticed he left his shower door ajar about 2 feel (not an accident in my mind), so no joke, I did the same. As we are showering it’s obvious that, he for some reason, likes what he sees, and so do I. 

Since that day, every time we see one another in the locker room, he strips to his underwear (which are clearly designer so I know he’s gotta be gay too) and flexes his muscles in the mirror, all the while making glances at me. He also has tattoos on each thigh and inside both wrists. 

I don’t have very much confidence on hitting on guys in public so the most we have ever said is “hi”. Ever since this first encounter however, we have been eyeing one another in the locker room and even in the gym while working out. 

It gives me a rush and makes me shake with the amount of adrenaline that surges through my veins. He excites me, and I’m too afraid to really make conversation. Who knows if this will remain just a gym thing?

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