Meat market

In the “World of Gay”, men are viewed as pieces of meat and you do what you can to bag that sweet piece of ass to take it home. Men (particularly gay men) are vain. I cannot exclude straight men, but you definitely see it more within the gay community. We care about how we look (a lot) so we can have that sexy piece of arm candy, but also bag that other piece over there in the corner too. Where do these views originate?

I believe it comes from men being “the muscle” of the 2 main sexes along with how the media portrays men. Because of this, we are always looking to become bigger, stronger, and obtain a more attractive physique. We spend hours in the gym, spend hundreds on health supplements to help build our muscles and just as much on fashions to show it all off.

Why do we want/do this? It is because we want to be more appealing to the one we are attracted to so we can mate (purely primal)? I am not saying that we are doing it soley for the primal satisfaction of mating, but it does play a very large role in this. You don’t see Men in (lasting) relationships trying to look good to land some meat do you? Men are physical and visual, but once comfortable we tend to let ourselves go. This is something that is happening since the beginning of time. 

When I am at the gym, I admit that I scope out every hot piece of ass that walks in the door, purely just checking out those physical aspects we love so much. I personally look for the hot muscle bods and then move to the face. For me, the face is a deal breaker, just as my body (not being a perfect specimen) is for most. Because the gym is a mix of straight and gay men, many times you can’t tell who is what, so there is rarely anyone going home with any bagged meat from there (excluding those areas that have prevalent gay gyms).

This is the same thing in a night club. You scope out the pretty face and check out the body, and if it isn’t up to your standards you move on. Everyone is attracted to something different so it is always interesting to watch, or even be involved, with these interactions. It really is like a meat market. 

You’ll see the hungry ones lining the walls and scoping out their prey like a lion. They will keep an eye on their prize until they get their chance to go in for the kill. Their tactics are strong and practiced, and if they are good enough, they may just land their meat prize after all. Near the end of the night you will see them start getting a little more frantic depending on how desperate they are. They will start to ‘settle’ on the ones they don’t find as perfect a prize, but they must leave with something or they will not be satisfied. 

I feel that I am lucky enough to see what is attractive in many different kinds of people as I don’t have just one particular type. History tells me there is a type I always gravitate towards though, but each type of guy I’m attracted to is for a different reason. Most guys I am physically attracted to is for the ‘physical activities’, but there are a few that are relationship worthy. 

Overall, I wonder if I want that arm candy, that meat that everyone is after. Would I be happy with this situation? Do I want someone on my arm that everyone, including myself, considers a piece of meat or arm candy? Will I find my happy medium of meat and brain? A meaty personality? 

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