Mourning. Loss. 

It happened so fast, yet so slow. As we sit in the little chapel to mourn the loss of a loved one, I can only observe the sadness and emotions of others around me. I didn’t know him well and I saw him rarely, so I cannot share the same emotions those around me feel. 

I can mourn for him as a human, as a loss of life, a loss to those around me. I find myself shedding tears as I feel the sadness and happiness in the memories my cousin shares with us of her uncle. The pain in her voice is overcoming. 

I look at those around me here in this place of mourning. The right side of this chapel has a good amount of people, with the left side sparsely scattered, there is no set seating arrangement as we are all here for the same person. Family has come out from the wood-works that normally don’t show and you can tell there are rifts from troubles long passed. 

It’s a telling of people able to come together to honor someone regardless of their own rifts and troubles. Everyone is able to be under one roof, they may ignore those involved in their troubles, but it is plainly evident that there are people who all know of it is between and why. 

Still, we mourn. Loss is significant no matter on what scale you see it from. Are you the one departing? Who are you leaving behind? Why are you leaving us? Is it on purpose? Is it purely natural? Did you consider the feelings of those you leave behind and how it would affect them? Will the loss of you in our lives cause more rift or heal the ones already wounded?

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