Be forewarned this topic is Rated R for adult themes. 

I try as hard as I can to be open minded and not be offended when someone doesn’t want me. I think the hardest part about being rejected for sex, even in a bathhouse, is that you feel more vulnerable. You are there, naked or wrapped in a towel with everything out there for the world to see. 

Everyone is there for the same thing: some sort of sexual or pleasurable release. So why then, can’t we look beyond the shallows and just enjoy ourselves like we are supposed to? I literally had a conversation with another naked man in the spa today. 

We spoke of how when we come to these places, the reason we are all there is the same, so then we (him and I) look beyond the shallow wading pools of depravity. We are there to satiate our lust in any way that feels good with anyone we feel will accomplish that. Plain. And. Simple. 

People watching in this environment is the most interesting anywhere. You get to see the gritty tangles of raunch and lust you normally wouldn’t in a public venue. You see people being rude, shady, spiteful, lustful, greedy, and even some gluttony. Seeing and interacting in this place is the most enthralling. 

You experience so much, especially once you have the attention of others. Some join in on your fun, some are just content to stand back and watch, and others will start their own thing. Everyone had their own things they are into. Some just want to touch you, or suck on something, lick something else and they are always going in for the kill, the orgasm. 

My new friend said that this is only a circumstance at this particular bathhouse. Other ones he has gone to in San Jose and Reno are a lot more…wholesome? Men are well mannered at these others and there isn’t this air of awkwardness and fear. This fear may come from the overwhelming number of “straight” married men that come in, as well as the possibility of a “raid” and the place being shut down. 

Anyways, while I understand everyone has their own preferences physically for who they want to bed with, there are better ways to go about telling someone than being rude. We are not mind readers nor do we automatically know what your type is. Yes we all saw you go instantly for that cute twink that just walked in, but that doesn’t mean you’re his type either. 

More on this in another blog to come!

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