I have/had a date!!!

As I sit here at Starbucks waiting on my first date in 3 years, I am forced to reminisce of the past. Of course I think of my ex and the emotional pain that moved me to tears last week as the 1 year anniversary of out split came around (as much as I didn’t think on it, my body reminded me and forced me to cry on my way to work). I also sit and think of this man I am about to meet.

We met on a dating app for gay, furry men and those that love them. He’s 13 years older than myself, but I’m ok with that. He seems to be a very busy man with his new home and his job. We have been texting for over a month and things finally panned out to finally meet. It took until I gave up on planning, and saying he’s busy and that he should hit me up when has time, for him to finally spur him to make a plan and actually meet.

I do admit that the last reschedule was my own doing since I had forgotten that I had already made plans with friends for a hike. I hate pulling out of plans that I already said I would attend. Integrity means a lot to me, so of course I had to cancel the newer plans.

He just arrived so I must continue this later.

One hour later.

Well, that was shorter lived than expected. He’s a very busy guy after all, and he did mention all the busy-ness that he had going on for the day. We chatted about the very basics. It was hard to maintain my thought processes, both because it was loud in the venue and I kept staring at him and getting sidetracked.

He was very attractive, more than his pictures let on. He caught me staring every now and then and is get flustered and blush. I loved the way he smiled and gave those side grins. I can honestly say I’m pretty smitten with him. I’m not sure if it’s the look, the body language or just the whole package. I felt I wasn’t the best of conservators today, and didn’t think he would want to hang out again, but he mentioned it a few times. I wanted to hold off on texting him as long as I could so as not to seem desperate, but I couldn’t. I texted him after about 40 min and he replied! He noticed how loud it was in our venue and wanted yo hang out somewhere quieter and more private, which I agreed to. He also noted I looked “sexy”, which is beyond any of my understanding! Haha.

We texted for a while longer and then we went about our business. I texted him a few times a bit later and he hasn’t responded. Of course I may be overthinkinh it, but I’m afraid he wasn’t as interested after our conversation. Time will tell!