He is there. Thank You God. 

Is this it? Is this my testimony? You’re real? 

It’s the second time I’ve been to church in 15 years. The last few weeks have been beautiful to me. The love, acceptance, happiness and fulfillment I have felt is such a great blessing. I have searched for answers my whole life, I have searched for peace. If this is what you offer me, I gladly accept this. 

While at church this last Sunday, we had a group prayer. We were asked to pray for those of us that have physical issues going on that need healing, depression and anxiety/relationship issues, and finally financial problems. I was able to honestly raise my hand for both the depression/relationship and financial issues. 

I prayed for myself to grow and get through my issues with depression and my past relationship, my financial issues as I go back to school, and to be able to get to my true happiness; however I also prayed for those around me which includes my neighbor Z who has ongoing heart issues. 

After this group prayer, a lady came up to me and say next to me and my friend and she asked if she could share God’s message with me. She told me she had a vision about me from God, and if course I said yes. 

This is what she shared:

“Hello, my name is Trisha. God sent me a vision for you. Would you like to hear it? [Yes please.] I’m sorry if I start crying, it’s a powerful message. [Definitely, thank you.] In my vision there was a pirates chest with treasure in it, overflowing and full of riches. It was locked and you held the key. It was surrounded by big shadowy figures that were blocking you from it. As I looked around there was a flashlight on the ground and it was pointed at the chest. It seemed like the flashlight was causing these shadows to be bigger and more scary than they were. I hope this message helps you and means something for you. [Thank you very much for sharing!]”

So this is my testimony. How this came from a complete stranger and yet it applied so much to the things I had prayed about and the struggles I have been through lately. I had asked for a sign earlier this month for God to let me know if he is real, I remained and probably still remain open minded. 

I have questions, but there is no doubt in my mind. I wonder, but there is no fear. With speaking to my family/community, I know I must give my troubles and fears and doubts unto Him for he will take them from me. When I fully accept Him, His son and their love, everything will be clear and empowering. 

I have asked God for help. I have asked Him for freedom and for His love, His forgiveness, and His acceptance. I have asked Him to deliver me into the hands of those that should most help my life to become whole. I have asked for Him to watch over those around me and to shower those I don’t know personally with His love, acceptance, and light for everyone needs it whether they think so or not. 

I feel so blessed after this weekend for he has shown me his love. I feel blessed that he had that vision sent to me. His love is real and his light will never fade. I have a long way to go yet, but it is a journey I will take on gladly. 


Well hello there! Welcome to my journey! 🙂

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan. Things to know about me? I’m gay, (currently) age 28, single (cough cough), and live at home with my grandparents. I enjoy playing video games on PC, reading, sleeping, working out, spending time with my friends and family, and just being Me. Other hobbies/interests I have include getting out of town (to the Bay Area), taking pictures of the gorgeous views where I live and travel, going out on the town to go have dinner with a friend or two, and go dancing. I am realistic to the point where I can honestly say: I also enjoy going out on dates and having sex. This is where I am unapologetic. I am me, and I could honestly give less of a care about what you have to think of me and my blog.

Consider this a Disclaimer:

I will NOT be hiding things that happen in my life JUST to make you feel “comfortable”. I have outlined pretty well that I am a gay MAN, and being such, I enjoy the physical pleasures of company (or my lonesome). I am a REAL person. Human. Alive. Just like you!

There WILL be topics I am quite sure that people will find…unsavory…blunt…off color…or whatever you would like to say it as. No euphemisms will be used here as I will be direct with what I have to say. I feel it is necessary to be forward/direct with expressing oneself as without this, how do you feel you are truly relaying the message that you are trying to get across.

This all being said and done. Thank you for coming and checking out my blog. I hope you stay a while. 🙂